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Pizza St Viateur

Pizza St Viateur offers you delicious food, prepared only with fresh and healthy ingredients.


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Pizza St Viateur

Pizza St Viateur

Would you like to eat a good pizza without having to leave your house? Or, on the other hand, do you want to get out of the routine and eat somewhere different? Don't think about it anymore! At Pizza Saint Viateur you will find everything you are looking for. Our restaurant offers a rich menu of pizzas, as well as pasta and salads. Order online or by phone if you want to take advantage of our delivery service, or come visit us in our restaurant at 5999 Monkland Avenue.

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Quality score

  • valeria taranto

    valeria taranto valeria taranto

    -I tried their pizzas for the first time only a year ago. AMAZING! We adopted this place ever since. Can't beat the flavor, and the freshness. The dough is also amazing!-
  • Pamela Hamelin

    Pamela Hamelin Pamela Hamelin

    -Very good pizza. Tried it for the first time tonight and we were happily surprised!!! Delicious ??-
  • Pudgy Master

    Pudgy Master Pudgy Master

    -Simply perfect thin crust pizza , super fresh , crispy , all round tastey pie. Uses fresh ingredeients not those fake ingredients like those bacon bits, actual bacon strips and herbs. Wide variety or make your own love this place.-
  • Camille Traill

    Camille Traill Camille Traill

    -Consistently my favourite pizza for 5 years. Always fresh, perfect dough and sauce. Quality is as good as first location. I’ve never had an issue but had an order swapped by accident today. They resolved it so quickly and were so kind. Le Chèvre and the princess are my favs!-
  • Cecilia Torres

    Cecilia Torres Cecilia Torres

    -Amazing PIZZA! Very fresh and full of flavor. We have tasted over half their pizza combinations and none have disappointed. They are worth every penny and their 4 small pizzas for 35$ is an amazing deal!-
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