Pizza St Viateur

Pizza St Viateur offers you delicious food, prepared only with fresh and healthy ingredients.


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Pizza St Viateur

Pizza St Viateur

Would you like to eat a good pizza without having to leave your house? Or, on the other hand, do you want to get out of the routine and eat somewhere different? Don't think about it anymore! At Pizza Saint Viateur you will find everything you are looking for. Our restaurant offers a rich menu of pizzas, as well as pasta and salads. Order online or by phone if you want to take advantage of our delivery service, or come visit us in our restaurant at 5999 Monkland Avenue.

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Quality score

  • Mae Parnell

    Mae Parnell Mae Parnell

    -I do love pizza with thin crust, and they make it just gorgeous. It is usually not very busy during the weekends there, but anyway their service is pretty fast.-
  • Anca Baban

    Anca Baban Anca Baban

    -Thank you for your pizza, and thank you for the friendly service. Napo pollo & La princesse-
  • Mercedes Lovemore

    Mercedes Lovemore Mercedes Lovemore

    -I honestly did a little dance when I took my first bite. CRISPY, delicious pizza. Not the floppy abominations I'm used to getting, which I then have to crisp up in the oven... I'm so thankful I noticed this place as I waited for takeout at my favourite taco place (Restaurant Amaranto). It appears great restaurants keep great company. Thank you for your pizza, and thank you for the friendly service. I will definitely be ordering again soon -
  • Rowan Phelps

    Rowan Phelps Rowan Phelps

    -I told my friends about this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I visit this place often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The the food there is tasty and the team is generous and cooperative. Whenever we visit this place we pass a lovely evening. I recommend this place with pleasure.-
  • Daniel Boloten

    Daniel Boloten Daniel Boloten

    -Amazing pizza and excellent pasta. The service in the dining room is very friendly and the delivered food is hot and fresh.-
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